Wednesday, August 4, 2010

another job.....

Maybe I'm crazy, but I just got a 3rd job and I'm SO excited for it! I will be working with an event/wedding planner from Riehl Events, a few times a month. I met everyone last weekend and they all seem really cool.  This week I will be working at a rehersal dinner and wedding for the same couple. It's going to be fun! :)


  1. Furse!!! Congrats! Jess told me about your new job! Look at you go! That's so exciting! You will be the best event planner ever. I would call you to plan any event, any day. That's awesome! You are so talented. Speaking of your talents, I need you to do my hair sometime...whenever you are free and/or bored. Let me know if you are willing! Thanks Furse!!!

  2. I would love to do your hair sometime! We will have to figure out a night that will work. Call me! :)