Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It's official, I'm moving to Vernal, UT in about a month! Rusty was offered a pretty good job there and we decided to take it. I am actually kind of excited to get away from here and start new. I think it will be a good change for us.:) He started his job in January and has been living there during the week. He does come home when he can, but it isn't very often.  Its been tough, so I am happy to move so we can see each other more!

We still have about a year left on our apartment lease and are trying to find someone to take it over. If you are interested or know anyone that would be interested, here is the link on KSL: http://www.ksl.com/index.php?sid=17403849&nid=651&ad=20231 

Farmgate apartments in Herriman. We love it here and are sad to move!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Printable 2012 Calendars

It seems like I am always looking for a printable calendar on the internet. They are really helpful for keeping track of certain schedules, important dates, birthdays, ect. (I literally use them for everything)  As I was searching for one the other day, I came across some really cute ones, and I thought I would share.:)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lemonade Stand For Sale!

If any of you are interested, I am selling my Lemonade Stand. I'm actually really sad to sell it because it took Rusty and I awhile to make, but we just don't have room for it when we move into our new condo.
The chalkboard is removable if needed.

We are selling it for $250.00 175.00 and are willing to deliver it for a little more. If you would like more information about it, you can email me at lindsiebrooke@gmail.com

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bakers Twine

I have a little obsession with bakers twine! I love it for anything: gift wrapping, cards, scrapbooks, party favors, and I even used it on my wedding invitations!
I eventually want to get EVERY color from divine twine. I only have 3 colors now, but just 9 to go!:) You can buy them from here and they aren't too expensive and last forever! I think it would be so cute to have them all displayed in a craft room.

Here is a random card that I made with the yellow bakers twine.

Next on my list is the Turquoise twine!  I think I will have to get these adorable bags too! They sell them on the same site. Fun stuff!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day!

I wanted to wish all of you a Happy Valentine's Day! I know it's a pointless holiday but it has always been my favorite!  Rusty is out of town today, which is kinda sad, but we celebrated before he left. I surprised him by cooking him breakfast and taking him to get a pedicure. He would never agree to go with me because it's "too girly", but since it was a surprise,  he couldn't say no. I knew once he was there he'd be in heaven, and I was right! We also went to my favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse and then to see the Vow. Such a fun day!
I needed some Valentine decorations, so I made a few things and found a cute printout from here. Super easy and I loved how it turned out!

Rusty gave me a few gifts for Valentines, but this was my favorite. I needed a new tape dispenser for my scrapbooking desk and he bought me one that was shaped like a heel. He thought it would be a funny gift but I actually loved it! I also loved his homemade card!:)

Anyway, since I forgot to take a picture of the gift and card I made Rusty (he has it with him), I found a card that I made awhile ago.